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Standard Orbit, Mr Sulu!
Which are the most useful orbits to use in Orbiter? Find out five of the best ones in this quick tutorial.

How do I take off?
A tutorial on how to get started on your trip into space.

How do I find a launch window to go to a planet?
Use the Transfer MFD or the TransferX MFD to find a launch window.

Mars by Delta glider

This is a tutorial based on a trip of mine from Earth to Mars using the Deltaglider and Martin's default Orbiter instruments. It includes every manoevre I made from takeoff at the Cape to Mars orbit injection, along with the MFD readouts and reasons why I did what I did. Click on the first link to get started. It used the April 2002 build of Orbiter - the present glider is quite a lot thirstier than this one.

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