Orbiter Mars

Steve Arch's new TransX versions

This website contains the versions of TransX that were written up until 2004. For Steve Arch's more recent versions, visit his website at orbiter.quorg.org

Latest Beta - The Reentry MFD

This will help you to get those Reentries right. Shift-E to start. Due to lack of time, it's still rather undocumented, but I'm sure many of you will be able to figure it out. Download here 

The TransX quick start guide (Francis Drake)

This is a really good two page quick reference guide to TransX created by Francis Drake. (well, that's his Orbiter moniker anyway.) Download the PDF here.

Tim Kinnaird's Earth to Mars checklist

This walkthrough by Tim Kinnaird (known as Capt Crybaby on the M6 forum) shows you exactly how to use TransX for a trip to Mars. It;s very useful for getting the hang of the MFD. http://www.stillmixtup.com/E2M.html

The Deep Space Flight Manual

One of the main problems with learning to use TransX is the degree to which you need to learn how to fly at the same time. This document covers some of the basic techniques for flying interplanetary missions, and why they are planned the way they are. This PDF file can be downloaded here.

TransX release V310

This is the latest version - a different colour scheme, labelled views, and a slightly reorganised variable layout - manoevre mode is now all by itself in its own view. 3.10 is a bug fix release on version 3.09, fixing a problem with slingshots returning to the starting planet, and a problem with saving the 'Orbits to Intercept' variable.. Download now.

TransX is my eXtended Transfer MFD. It's designed for planning trips across the solar system, or even just to the moon. It's full-featured, with support for complex flight plans, including slingshot trajectories. And naturally, there's a manual that comes with it. 

It also allows you to set your own custom startup key - just create a file called transx.cfg, and place in it the letter that you want to use to start TransX. You can download it here. The source code is available here.

The Encounter MFD

This is a little tool that's perfect for nailing your interception of a planet or moon to high precision. If you want to aerobrake, or just go direct into a low orbit on arrival, Encounter is a simple tool that makes it easy to do. Download now. .


Older navigation tools and addons

The Encounter MFD

Encounter is a simple tool that lets you see an accurate estimate of how you will encounter a planet. Use it to tune your approach so that you can fly straight into low orbit. It's particularly good for planning manoevres like aerocapture at the target planet. Easy to use, but once you've got it you won't want to encounter a planet without it.

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The TransX MFD V2.10

TransX 2.10 is my previous navigation toolkit. It has tools to enable you to plan and execute a flight to anywhere, from takeoff to touchdown. Originally an attempt to extend the standard Transfer MFD, it is still being extended and enhanced. It even includes all the functions you get in the Encounter MFD.

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The Antifall module

This is a simple workaround to the common orbiter problem that space stations deorbit themselves under time acceleration. At present it only works for undocked ships.

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Orbits 102

So you've learned to take off, align planes, and circularise an orbit. What's next? Here are some of the things about orbits that will help you to plan and fly complex missions to anywhere

Orbits 102 - coming soon !

The TransX V2.10 manual

Most subjects aren't rocket science. This is. So it needs a tutorial.

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Old stuff

It's old. It's blue-tinted. But you can't find it anywhere else. Tutorials on getting to Mars using Martin's MFD's, taking off, and why Captain Kirk either doesn't know orbital mechanics, or doesn't care.

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